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Prishtina, 17 April 2013 – After yesterday’s meeting of the Government Privatization Committee, and the Decision of the Government of Kosovo to approve the report of the Committee for Privatization of 75% of PTK shares, the Government Privatization Committee informs the public that the process of privatization of PTK shares was conducted in full compliance with the Constitutions and laws of the Republic of Kosovo, and in conformity with the highest international standards.

According to rules and procedures, and after legal and technical assessments, bidders ‘M1 International Limited’ and ‘ACP Axos Capital GMBH and Najafi Companies LLC’ were invited to the public opening of financial offers.

As directly aired in public media in Kosovo, the consortium “ACP Axos Capital GMBH and Najafi Companies LLC”, in strategic partnership with British Telecom, have provided the highest financial bid, with the amount of 277 million euro.

ACP Axos Capital is an investment joint stock company, comprising international investors in the sphere of technology and telecommunications. The headquarters of Axos Capital are in Hamburg, Germany.

Najafi Companies LLC is a private international investment firm, with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona (USA). Part of the said companies, providing support and technical management is also British Telecom.

Guarantees on the credibility of this group of investors were also given by the states of origin of the said investors. In this context, the significance of the process was confirmed yesterday in a common statement issued by the Embassies of Federal Republic of German, USA and UK in Kosovo, and by the statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany during his meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo.

At this occasion, GPC and the Ministry of Economic Development wish to express their gratitude to all individuals and entities that supported the process of PTK privatization, including political entities, business community and diplomatic representatives in the Republic of Kosovo.