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Prishtina, 22 April 2013 – Kosovo and Montenegro are soon expected to organize a Business Forum with the aim of enhancing economic cooperation between the two countries. This was clarified during the meeting that the Minister of Economic Development, Besim Beqaj, held today with the Montenegrin Minister of Economy, Vladimir Kavaric.

Minister Beqaj stated that the meeting with his Montenegrin counterpart was used to discuss on economic cooperation and to inform the latter on the economic situation and potentials available in the Republic of Kosovo.

“We also spoke of an agreement in the sphere of economy, so we have an agreement that we have exchanged and we expect soon a visit of my counterpart in Prishtina, accompanied by a delegation of economic stakeholders, during which we will sign an agreement that would open new horizons and remove all possible barriers,” said Beqaj.

He also said that a common committee between Republic of Kosovo and Montenegro will be established with the purpose of treating economic problems and analyzing them on biannual basis.

“At the same time we exchanged information on the sectors of telecommunications, energy and other spheres of interest. We also raised the issue of transports, as a very significant matter, as the matter of executing a similar arrangement was also discussed with the Minister of Transports, on the fees currently imposed on citizens of Republic of Kosovo, cooperation in the sphere of insurances, etc.,” said Minister Beqaj.

The Head of MED underscored that there is a series of topics that have to be addressed institutionally, in order to provide sufficient space for cooperation between Republic of Montenegro and Republic of Kosovo.

“It is very fortunate that we are able to say that we have no problematic issues in the political sense, hence, we are interested to intensify cooperation in other infrastructural projects, including discussions on a future project in the sphere of railway development, namely a new railway connection with Montenegro, and on the road infrastructure which should be upgraded to serve better economies of both countries,” Beqaj said.

Upon conclusion of the meeting, Minister Beqaj invited Minister Kavaric to Prishtina, in order to sign the agreement and to meet Kosovo businesses, in order to get acquainted with their concerns.

For his part, the Minister of Economy of Montenegro, Vladimi Kavaric, underscored that the meeting was used to discuss on economic development, respectively the organization of a business forum by both countries, with the aim of improving communication and cooperation in trade and in all spheres in which cooperation between two countries is ongoing.

“Regarding cooperation in the sphere of economy, our Ministry and our colleagues from Kosovo have undertaken significant steps related to facilitation of communication in all spheres and strengthening of cooperation between two countries,” said Kavaric.

He said that it is important to exchange experiences between parties in issues such as energy potentials, which are of special significance for both countries.

During the visit, Minister Beqaj also met the head of the Montenegro Chamber of Commerce, in a meeting also attended by the President of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, Safet Gerxhaliu, and the President of the Kosovo Business Alliance, Agim Shahini.