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Prishtina, 24 April 2013 – The Government of the Republic of Kosovo has set in its agenda the strengthening of the private sector, which implies economic development, creation of new employment possibilities that directly positively influence on the lives of citizens said the Minister of Economic Development, Besim Beqaj, in the opening of Carpenter’s Fair ‘Natyra 20013’, which was used to present wood products from Kosovo, Albania, Italy, etc..

Minister Beqaj said that Government policies are oriented towards the provision of an infrastructure that enables the strengthening of private enterprises, and, in turn, the strengthening of the state of Kosovo.

“Our wood products are already placed at the international level, and this industry’s potential in the future is promising, whereas cooperation with Albania in this sector was also stimulated by the general infrastructure, which provides for better communication of the two markets and their integration,” said Beqaj.

Speaking of the cooperation between Kosovo and Albania, the head of MED revealed that the governments of both states are working in ensuring energy integration and that the procedures this process entails are in function of establishing energy stability.

“We have worked extensively these previous years. One of the current topics is integration of the energy markets of Kosovo and Albania, and the elaboration of procedures thereof is ongoing as this will serve the creation of energy stability, which was one of Kosovo’s greatest obstacles to economic development and production,” said Minister Beqaj, adding that in the last two years electricity disconnections are a thing of the past.

Minister Beqaj invited the citizens to visit ‘Natyra 2013’ fair, in order to see that the designs exhibited are competitive with those produced in other countries.

For his part, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Planning, Blerand Stavileci, said that wood processing industry represents a significant segment of the country’s economy, which promises new employment possibilities in the future.

According to him, exhibition of wood-processing industry products will inform all visitors on the quality brought by the businesses exhibiting in this fair, and added that this quality will make its way in international markets.

The President of the Albanian Wood-Processing Association, Dashamir Biçaku, said that the potentials of this sector and cooperation with Kosovo will represent an important stimulus for both countries’ economies, underscoring that this industry is now producing at European standards, owing this to the new technologies utilized.

For his part, the President of the Kosovo Wood-Processing Association, Hashim Deshishku, said that the products of wood-processing industry are increasing quality continuously, whereas the number of wood-processing industry agents is around 1400.

Noteworthy, ‘Natyra 2013’ Fair was organized by the Kosovo Wood-Processing Association and Albania Wood-Processing Association, with support by the Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry of Rural Development.