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Istanbul, 10 May 2013 – Republic of Kosovo considers the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development an important partner, and is grateful to this institution for the assistance provided to the private sector during the previous decade, said the Minister of Economic Development, Besim Beqaj, during the annual EBRD held in Istanbul, Turkey.

As part of the delegation led by the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, Minister Beqaj is representing Kosovo in EBRD’s annual meeting, as the Kosovo EBRD Governor, after his appointment by the Prime Minister.

The Head of MED, expressed the deepest appreciation of the Government of Republic of Kosovo to EBRD Governors for the support provided to Kosovo during its membership process.

“Allow me to emphasize that the Government of Republic of Kosovo is dedicated to close cooperation with EBRD, with the aim of achieving concrete results in economy, being convinced that EBRD will support our readiness and commitment toward reforming our economy. In this regard, I would like to thank the Board for approving the first EBRD strategy for Kosovo, through which we will be able to draw 150 million euro this year,” said Beqaj.

The strategy encompasses four basic fields that will be supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development during this year. To this end, sectors to be supported include energy, the development of thermal power plant ‘Kosova e Re’ and alternative energy projects; municipal level public services; local rural infrastructure and private sector development, all of which may directly benefit from EBRD’s financial instruments. 

He further added that Kosovo is a new country seeking our route towards sustainable development; In order for Kosovo to achieve sustainable development, it is necessary for us to focus on sectorial priorities, including continued investment in major projects through the modernization and development of public infrastructure such as: energy, privatization of public enterprises from the sector of telecommunications, distribution system and generation of electricity and other public enterprise restructuring, all aimed at improving the lives of the country’s citizens. 

“Public infrastructure and energy projects are at the heart of our investment projects in the near future. In the regard, the involvement of EBRD in this process is crucial in technical, financial, as well as the know-how aspect,” said Minister Beqaj.

He reemphasized that private sector development is at the center of attention and focus of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo. We very much appreciate the valuable support EBRD has given our private sector in the past decade.

“We are committed to furthering regional cooperation, and expect cooperation with EBRD in this important area as well. I’m happy to say that significant effort has gone into improving the business climate and that the government is taking all the necessary steps to implement the required reforms,” he said.

Beqaj underscored that objective of the Government during the transitional period is to enhance the country’s growth into a sustainable one, increase competitiveness and secure prosperity in the long term.

The Head of MED once again expressed his gratitude to EBRD member states and Governors for the support given during the process of Kosovo’s membership in this institution.

Otherwise, prior to EBRD’s annual meeting, Minister Beqaj held separate meetings with OFID leadership, USA delegation and JICA management.