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Prishtinë, 08 November 2013 – Water recognizes no administrative of state boundaries and the convention of water sector representatives of all countries of the region does not come by chance. They are taking part in this important event in order to find the best possible forms of cross-boundary and cross-institutional cooperation, based on the principles of safe and sound business practices, said Minister of Economic Development, Mr. Fadil Ismajli today.

Minister Ismajli made these comments in the opening remarks of the International Conference on the “Year of Cooperation on Waters”, held on 06 – 08 November 2013 in Prishtina, organized by the Kosovo Association of Water Supply Companies – SHUKOS and the Albanian Association of Water Supply Companies – SHUKALB, attended by representatives of water supply companies of Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro.

“Supply of drinkable water is one of the most significant tasks for any person or institution. Drinkable water ensures adequate preservation of human health. Development of drinkable water resources in sufficient quantities is also closely related to a country’s economic development,” said Minister Ismajli.

Ismajli further added that provision of drinkable water not affects economic growth both directly and indirectly, by diminishing medical expenses for diseases caused by unclean waters, increasing agricultural product demand, improving tourism and even increasing the number of small and medium enterprises.

“In its program, the Government of Kosovo gives considerable attention to the development of water resources. Special attention is given to wastewater treatment and development of sewer systems,” he said.

The Head of MED strongly encouraged water sector operators to continue further with the provision of qualitative services for citizens, while promising that the Government and donors’ support to the implementation of capital projects that provide for eliminating challenges presented and ensuring improvement of service quality.

Otherwise, the opening of the three-year conference was also used for the distribution of prizes for merited actors of the water sector, as well as certificates of appreciation for the contribution given to two most distinguished employees of Kosovo’s and Albania’s Water Supply Companies.