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Prishtina, 25 November 2013 – Entrepreneurship, innovation and economic development are inseparable segments that ‘feed’ one-another. Therefore, by producing new products or creative business systems, socio-economic subjects will be more productive during prosperous economic periods and more resistant during crises. The private sector is the best at ensuring this, said the Minister of Economic Development, Fadil Ismajli, today.

The Head of MED made these comments today at the opening of the “Kosovo Business Week 2013”, organized by the Kosovo Business Alliance and attended by representatives of local institutions, Presheva valley and Ulqin. The purpose of this event is to promote local products.

Minister Ismajli said that the production sector should be supported by all, including the Government, civil society, and all citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, underscoring that the best assistance that can be provided to these businesses by all of us is to consume the products they offer.

Agim Shahini, President of KBA, said that the slogan “I consume local products, do you?” has been following the organization for 11 years and aims to change the consumption awareness among citizens, moving from imported products to products produced in Kosovo. He said that Kosovo suffers from inadequate policies regarding local production, which cause the consumers to have doubts regarding the purchase of local products, but due to their price and not their quality.

Ragmi Mustafa, Mayor of Presheva, said that Albanians from the Presheva valley consider Kosovo products local and will continue to consume food products produced in the territory of Republic of Kosovo and Albania. He also called for the Valley’s products to be considered local in Kosovo, being that the Valley is Kosovo too.

Lam Kallaba from the ‘Anamalit’ Business Club from Ulqin called for a successful event for local producers and for even more fruitful years in the future, adding that Ulqin welcomes Kosovo products, which are also preferred by Kosovo guests.

Otherwise, the “Kosovo Business Week 2013” will be transferred from Prishtina to Prizren, Peja, Mitrovica, and will also include activities in areas inhabited by Albanians.