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Prishtina, 06 December 2013 – During his visit to London, the Minister of Economic Development, Fadil Ismajli, met with the Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change of Great Britain, Gregory Barker, whom he informed on the Kosovo energy strategy and steps undertaken towards its implementation.

Minister Ismajli said that energy efficiency will represent a priority of the strategy, to be addressed through financial initiatives, adequate legislation and public-awareness activities, with the aim of ensuring investments in both private and public buildings, as well as utilization of efficient equipment.

In relation to this issue, Minister Barker informed Minister Ismajli on programs and projects implemented in Great Britain. To this end, he assessed that Kosovo can greatly benefit from his country’s experience, while both ministers expressed their commitments for closer cooperation. At the end of the meeting, Minister Baker reiterated the readiness to support the steering of energy efficiency programs.

Minister Ismajli used the occasion to inform his counterpart on the state of electricity generation in the country and challenges faced by Kosovo in this regard. Note was made of private investments in renewable energy sources and authorization schemes that stimulate such investments.

Minister Ismajli also informed that although Kosovo is interested to decommission thermal power plant Kosova A, this is connected with the commissioning of new generation capacities. In order to ensure regular electricity supply, it is of critical significance for all stakeholders, including Great Britain, to support the development of the Kosova e Re power plant.

Bearing in mind the situation Kosovo faces regarding the provision of long-term security of electricity supply, Minister Ismajli asked Minister Barker for continuous support in the process, convinced that TPP Kosova e Re will be developed pursuant to the highest international standards.