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Prishtina, 21.12.2013 - KOSTT and OST, in the presence of delegations of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Albania, in the house of the League of Prizren, signed the contract for the construction of the 400kV interconnection line between Kosovo and Albania, with a total length of 241.5 km, which is expected to be completed within 24 months.

In addition to heads of KOSTT and OST, the ceremony was also attended by Fadil Ismajli, Minister of Economic Development of the Republic of Kosovo, Damjan Gjinkuri, Minister of Energy and Industry of the Republic of Albania, Peter Blomeyer, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Kosovo, and representatives of implementing companies.

Minister Fadil Ismajli called this a historic date for the energy of Kosovo, and stated that the energy sector is one of the most important sectors for the country’s economic and social development.

“As our vision is to have a common energy market Kosovo-Albania, the signing of the contract for the construction of the 400 kV interconnection line confirms this joint effort to ensure sustainable economic development of both countries”, he added.

According to him, this line will enhance the transmission capacities, sustainability and reliability between the two networks, and shall enable the two operators to work together as one distribution system, providing mutual benefits for consumers of the two countries.

The Albanian Minister of Energy and Industry, Damjan Gjinkuri, also considered that this project will have a significant impact in the economic development of the Albanian territories, and will enhance the energy communication between the two countries.

The German Ambassador in Prishtina, Piter Blumayer, said that the aim of his country was to improve the living conditions of the population, ensure economic growth, and protecting the environment.

Contracts with implementing companies were signed by KOSTT CEO, Naim Bejtullahu, and Engjëll Zeqo, OST General Administrator.

The financing of this project for the Kosovo part will be provided by the German Government, based on the Financing Agreement with the Government of Kosovo, on loans and financial contributions in the total amount of €33.5 m.