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Prishtina, 30 January 2014 – The Minister of Economic Development, Fadil Ismajli, and his associates, visited today the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, and met with its President, Safet Gërxhaliu, senior management and members of the Steering Committee, to discuss on current economic  developments in the country.

Minister Ismajli used the occasion to express his support to the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce and the business community for proper cooperation, while reemphasizing that MED is committed to fulfilling its strategic goals, which will positively reflect in Kosovo’s economic development and social stability, owing to investments from the country and abroad.

The head of MED called yesterday an important day for the Kosovo economy, as the draft-law on Trepça was adopted in its first reading. This law is of great strategic significance for Kosovo. Also, positive steps were made towards the conclusion of the major Kosova e Re Power Plant project, which is undergoing restructuring and will soon yield with the name of the awarded winner.

He also noted that the construction of the 400kV Energy Highway between Kosovo and Albania is on its way, and that it will lead to the common Kosovo-Albania energy market; moreover, work is being done in in the compilation of the energy strategy that will be based on the principles of open market.

Minister Ismajli reiterated that European requirements include improvement of energy efficiency and finding possibilities to enhance renewable energy sources’ utilization in energy generation. In addition, Kosovo’s economic modelling is on its way, and this encompasses the compilation of Kosovo’s General Economic Development Strategy, which will represent a document of great significance for the country’s future.

For his part, President of KCC, Safet Gërxhaliu, assessed that MED priorities match with the requirements of the business community and private sector, and that their realization represents a guarantee for Kosovo’s economic future.

He expressed his content with the proactive approach regarding “Trepça” and “Kosova e Re”, as both projects represent a guarantee of employment, improvement of the balance of payments and increased exports, and, above all, a guarantee of attracting strategic investors worldwide. Adding to this the Kosovo Economic Development Strategy will ensure that Kosovo has a clear journey towards economic development.