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Prishtina, 13 Feb 2014 – The Minister of Economic Development, Fadil Ismajli, met today with the French Ambassador and Deputy-Ambassador in Kosovo, Maryse Daviet and Lise Moutoumalaya, to discuss on economic development in the country, focusing on possibilities for extending bilateral cooperation.

A special focus during the discussions that the Minister had with French diplomats was placed on the possibility for attracting investments from the French Government, especially in the sphere of mining, but also in other spheres under MED’s competencies. The possibilities for funding projects through European Union funds, such as IPA, were also underscored.

The head of MED emphasized that “Trepça” represents an invaluable economic asset for Kosovo, and spoke on the necessity of its revitalization and functionalization, and the French Ambassador offered her support in this process.

Along these lines, projects like that of Kosova e Re Power Plant, in telecommunications and energy, were ascertained as bearers of the country’s economic development.