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Prishtina, 06.03.2014 – As part of institutional commitments to improve the water supply for citizens, the Minister of Economic Development, Fadil Ismajli, and the Head of the RWC "Prishtina", Gjelosh Vataj, commissioned today two water wells in village Llukar Pristina, with a capacity of  30 l/s.

Minister Ismajli said on this occasion that all measures are taken to improve the water supply, including these water wells, works in Germia and works to replace the pipeline of the Ibër - Lepenc system connecting Lake Badoc, which will significantly resolve the lack of water, as it would supply around 300 l/s from Ujmani.

“The studies and analyzes for the future and long-term water supply plans for Prishtina will continue and depending on the results of these studies, we will choose the least cost option which also simultaneously resolves the long-term problem with drinking water in Prishtina” said Ismajli.

According to the head of MED, the water from these wells is safe and to an extent mitigates the lack of water in Pristina, while experts are also working for future solutions.

On his part, the head of the Regional Water Company - RWC “Prishtina”, Gjelosh Vataj, said that the company started with two wells with approximately 30 l/s, with a project value of around 30 thousand euros, but this will only be the first phase, as yesterday works have also started in Badovs to change the 500m funnel to supply the Badovc lake, which is expected to be launched within the next week.

According to him, works will continue in Germia in order to ensure water supply, as promised by the Government of Kosovo and the RWC Prishtina, for the citizens of Prishtina.