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Prishtina, 29.03.2014 – The Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Kosovo and the Ministry of Energy and Industry of the Republic of Albania, signed today in Tirana two agreements of cooperation, providing for the establishment of a common energy market between the two countries, namely the construction of 110kV line Dragash – Kukës.

The agreements were signed by Ministers Fadil Ismaili and Damian Gjiknuri, and were rated as the most serious initiative for unification of the energy market undertaken thus far by the institutions of Kosovo and Albania.

Economic Development Minister, after the signing ceremony, said that the construction of the 400kV interconnection line between Kosovo and Albania was the realization of a dream, the so-called energy highway which, according to him, is a condition for the common energy market, because without a physical connection there cannot be a true common market.

“This is a project which will last for at least two years, and I hope that the common market will be complete with the development of the 400 kV line, with all relevant elements”, said Ismajli.

According to him, the legal and regulatory framework will be harmonized between the two systems, and this will be extended in a platform that will provide enormous savings and optimization in both sides and the delays in this regard will be compensated.

Ismajli said that the development of this market is also based on the implementation of the Acquis Communautaire, which will be followed by the creation of a transmission mechanism for cross-border electricity trade and to attract investments.

On this occasion, Minister Ismajli thanked the international partners, USAID and the Government of Norway, for their unconditional support for these initiatives.
From his part, Minister of Energy and Industry, Damian Gjiknuri, said the two countries are making steps towards the creation of a common market Kosovo-Albania and this will be a serious endeavour for the integration of the two markets by combining their comparative advantages.

Gjiknuri thanked his counterpart Ismalji, who, according to him, was the main supporter of the project which will serve to strengthen the security of supply for both countries.