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Istanbul, 24.06.2014 - The Minister of Economic Development, Fadil Ismajli, and his associates, are holding separate meetings in Istanbul with companies that have pre-qualified for participation in the project for the development of Thermal Power Plant Kosova e Re, in order to discuss recent developments in this process. The meetings are also attended by IFC and Raiffeisen Investment advisors.

Today, Minister Ismajli met the management of Contour Global, which reemphasized their interest to invest in TPP "Kosova e Re", while requesting more information regarding the potential impact of the current political situation in the process.

Minister Ismajli ensured potential investors that the said project enjoys wide support in Kosovo, due to the acute energy requirements and obligations that Kosovo has undertaken with the aim of meeting European standards in the energy and environmental protection sectors.

The head of MED reemphasized the support that this project enjoys from international mechanisms and stakeholders, such as the World Bank, European Commission, United States of America, and the interest expressed in it by other financial institutions.

Minister Ismajli requested from all stakeholders in the project to continue their work according to the envisaged agenda, in order to avoid any unnecessary delays in this vital project for Kosovo, regardless of the recent politic developments in the country.