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Tirana, 14 September 2014 – Minister of Economic Development Fadil Ismajli is currently attending a Conference in Tirana Albania, on “Opportunities for regional cooperation on energy efficiency policies”, organized by the Balkans Forum and Ministry of Energy and Industry of Albania.

Opening remarks in the conference were held by Minister Ismajli and his Albanian counterpart Damian Gjiknuri, Director of the Balkans Forum Luna Kallash, and representative of the European delegation Clive Rumbuld.

Minister Ismajli thanked all participants and noted the significance of the event, underscoring that energy comprises one of the greatest challenges of human civilization, especially of developing countries.

“Lack of sufficient energy sources and capital to be utilized, has resulted in an increased need to use existing energy quantities in the most rational manner,” said Ismajli.

He also underlined that the Energy Strategy of the Republic of Kosovo for the period 2013-2022 was forwarded to the Assembly of Kosovo for adoption, adding that its main purpose is to guide adequate policies for sustainable energy supply.

Minister Ismajli announced that Kosovo as a signatory party of the Energy Community Treaty has both harmonized legislation in compliance with respective European directives and undertaken significant political and programmatic, legal and institutional steps towards improving energy efficiency.

“We also have a law on Energy Efficiency and a set of administrative instructions; we’ve established the Kosovo Energy Efficiency Agency and Energy Auditor and Manager Certification Committee. We’ve had considerable investments in the sphere of energy efficiency and projects co-funded with GIZ, KfW, European Commission, World Bank, EBRD, UNDP and IFC, with the aim of promoting the implementation of energy efficiency measures in public buildings, public lighting and funding projects in SMEs and households,” he added.

For his part, Minister of Energy and Industry Damian Gjiknuri said that regional cooperation in the field of energy efficiency will result in increased quality of living for citizens, enhance employment possibilities and decrease energy costs.

Minister Gjiknuri mentioned the impacts of energy savings for the environment, adding that the Government of Albania treats energy efficiency with maximum seriousness, mindful of its significant positive impacts.

The significance of this meeting was also emphasized by Luna Kallash, Director of the Balkan Forum, and Clive Rumbold, representative of the European delegation. Both speakers underscored the fact that cooperation in the sphere of energy efficiency between countries of the region is necessary, and that it provides for good employment opportunities and opens perspectives for an accelerated move towards the EU.