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Peja, 20.10.2014- Economic Development Minister Fadil Ismajli, along with the head of the EU Office in Pristina, Samuel Zbogar and the Mayor of Peja, Gazmend Muhaxheri, inaugurated the implementation of energy efficiency measures 8 March School in Peja.

On this occasion, Minister Ismajli, said that power generation will not be challenging in the future, but to make better use of the generated energy, energy efficiency must be ensured, which is also the alternative energy resource, is cheaper and also most reliable.

‘The European Commission is grateful for the funding of this project, which is a valuable support, and will help in achieving energy saving targets under the EU directives,” said Minister Ismajli.

From his part, the head of EU office in Kosovo, Samuel Zbogar, said that by now 63 schools have been selected throughout Kosovo, for the installation of energy efficiency measures.

“I think we've done a good job and in this school we have combined two things, on the one hand environment and on the other side the development, so we combined both the economy and the environment,” said Zbogar.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Peja, Gazmend Muhaxheri, thanked the head of the EU Office, Samuel Zbogar and Minister Ismajli, and said that this assistance, respectively installation of energy efficiency measures is of particular importance.