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Beograd, 23.10.2014 - Kosovo was represented with a very high level delegation in Serbia in the Conference of Foreign and Economic Ministers of the Western Balkans, a follow-up of the Berlin and Budva initiative. Minister of Economic Development, Fadil Ismajli, said that the inclusion of Kosovo in the Economic Reform Program is a message for investors and soon a plan will be submitted to the EU.

“I think that the inclusion of Kosovo in the Economic Reform Program is a clear message to investors that the Balkans, and Kosovo in particular, now represent an investment entirety, have a comparative advantage in terms of human resources, and will further generate long-term benefits. On this basis, I am happy that the Republic of Kosovo, in the coming months, will draft and submit a National Plan for Economic Reforms, with the support of the EU,” said Ismajli.

In addition, Foreign Minister Enver Hoxhaj said that Kosovo’s presence in the conference of this level in Serbia speaks about the achievements of the region and the transformation of relations between Kosovo and Serbia after the start of dialogue.

According to him, Kosovo’s relations with Serbia will go through three stages, from the start of the dialogue in 2011, the current intermediary phase and setting up a direct communication, and to be ended with the Treaty of Friendship.

Hoxhaj also discussed about regional economic cooperation, adding that in next five years the EU has decided to consolidate issues, and the same also applies for the region, namely working on internal consolidation, meaning the rule of law, economic and other reforms.

At the request of Minister Hoxhaj, it was decided that the next meeting of this format will be held in Kosovo.
Also, a joint statement was adopted at the end of the conference.