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Prishtina, 24.10.2014-Economic Development Minister Fadil Ismajli, held a working meeting with EBRD Board of Directors, accompanied by Anton Kobakov, Director of EBRD in Kosovo.On this occasion, Minister Ismail thanked the EBRD delegation for its continued support provided to Kosovo.

The delegation was also informed on the current situation in the energy and mining sectors, with a focus on the importance of investments in these sectors, which are also the backbone of economic development.

“It’s very important to build new generating capacities based on Kosovo’s natural resources”, but also investments in human capacities are very important and are considered to have a high rate of return and with long-term benefits for the country,” said Minister Ismajli.

On this occasion, Minister Ismajli also stated that Kosovo has already planned major projects expected to accelerate the economic development of the country.

In addition, Minister Ismajli informed the EBRD representatives about the ongoing projects MED is implementing in the field of energy efficiency, which will allow for greater savings in electricity.

KEDS representatives stated that they, as a new company in the market, positioned between KEK and the customers, are in the beginning of the implementation of the plan to ensure a better distribution and increased focus on customers.

From their part, the EBRD Board of Directors, together with the director of EBRD in Kosovo, committed to provide financial support in future capital projects which have e direct impact in shaping the country’s economic development but also aimed at improving the investment climate.