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Izmir, 07.11.2014- The Minister of Economic Development, Fadil Ismajli, is participating in the Energy Summit held in Izmir, Turkey with the theme “Energy Security in Southeast Europe”

In his address at the Summit, Minister Ismajli spoke about the role of Kosovo in the security of energy supply in Eastern Europe. He also said that Kosovo will be part of the energy plan for this part of Europe.

In addition, the Economic Minister, spoke about the interconnection lines and stated that Kosovo is making progress. Meanwhile, gas, and gas supply through TAP and IAP projects were also highlighted by Minister Ismajli.

Given the fact that the Republic of Turkey is facing the tragedy of miners whose fate is uncertain, Minister Ismajli began his speech with expressing its sympathy and hope that the fate of the miners will be resolved as quickly as possible, hoping for the best, that they are alive and will return to work and their families.