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Skopje, 14.11.2014 – Minister of Economic Development, Fadil Ismajli, and the Minister of Economy of Macedonia, Bekim Neziri, met today in Skopje and agreed on joint projects, deriving from the Berlin and Budva Conferences, which will have a regional impact, financed by the European Union.

On this occasion, Ministers Ismajli and Neziri agreed that projects to be harmonized and brought before Albania, as the project coordinator, will have a regional impact and as such will strengthen the cooperation between Western Balkan countries and will therefore increase the economic development of the said countries.

Minister Ismajli said the meeting was primarily concerned with regional developments for the Western Balkans, obligations before us after the Berlin and Budva Conferences, in order to make the necessary preparations with concrete proposals for the next meeting to be held in Vienna.

Further, Minister Ismajli added that the Western Balkan countries have already realized that they are together in the journey to joint successes, transforming this part of Europe through economic development.

On the other hand, Macedonian Minister of Economy, Bekim Neziri, stated that projects to be submitted for financing by the EU involve road infrastructure projects of regional significance.

Projects mentioned included the road linking the Blace border crossing point with Skopje, the second important project for both countries, Tetovo-Prizren road, which will connect Macedonia with Albania through Kosovo, for which a preliminary feasibility study was conducted by Macedonia, the third project of the railway Skopje-Pristina-Mitrovica, connecting with Serbia, and the fourth project, the construction of a second 400 kV line between Kosovo and Macedonia, which will have positive energy impacts.