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Fushe Kosova, 21.11.2014 - I would want the Kosovo Railways not to be used only for the transportation of raw materials from Kosovo, but rather also for the transportation of passengers and final products to other countries, said the Minister of Economic Development, Fadil Ismajli.

Ismajli made these comments on the occasion of the International Railway Infrastructure Day, which was marked with a ceremony in “InfraKos” for the inauguration of the rail repair machinery, attended by officials of the Government, MPs and heads of public companies.

Minister said that for the future of Kosovo’s Railways we must work hard to ensure that our citizens enjoy their services, as railways connect countries and are drivers of economic development.

“Worldwide, the level of railway development is used as an indicator of economic development of a country. It is a true indicator of the industrial development of a country and should also precede the development of the country as it allows for the transfer of people and goods throughout the world. The Ministry of Economic Development, and the Government in general, will not lag behind in supporting the development of railways”, said Ismajli.

He also added that one of the key elements in the Berlin conference was the development of the physical infrastructure, namely the development of railways in this context, such as the renovation of the line from Skopje to Serbia, which connects the north and south of Kosovo, the new railway line linking Kosovo with Durrës port, which means that we will have rail connection with two important ports through to allow for further development of Kosovo.

Minister Ismajli emphasized the year 1874 as a significant year, as Kosovo reached 150 years of tradition in the railways, and the country had the chance to achieve a greater level of development, but this has not been achieved, so let this be the year when we turn this goal around.

From his part, Chief Executive Officer of “InfraKos” j.s.c., Agron Thaçi, presented the achievements of Kosovo Railways and its future plans for the medium term, 2014-2020, and their importance to economic development.