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Prishtina, 27.01.2015 - Minister of Economic Development, Blerand Stavileci, reported today before the Assembly Committee on Economic Development, Infrastructure, Trade and Industry, where he presented the situation of publicly owned enterprises and telecommunication, as well as the legislative agenda of MED.

On this occasion, Minister Stavileci said to the members of the Committee that despite challenges faced by POEs, such as financial instability, some of them achieved progress which was directly reflected in the services provided to the citizens, including the water sector, energy, heating etc.

Stavileci requested a higher level of accountability from the Boards of Directors of POEs, and added that the selection of new Board members should be reflected in order to comply with the professional selection criteria and increase the performance and implementation of Government policies.

The Minister of Economy stated that the MED priorities will include the energy sector, mining, information technology and increase the performance of POEs, and announced that, after discussions with relevant stakeholders; the PTK Strategy will be developed, setting the direction of the enterprise.

The Minister said that the legislative calendar of MED for this year includes 9 draft-laws relevant for the economy.

From their part, members of the Assembly Committee expressed an interest on the performance of POEs, PTK and the Law on POEs, respectively the Law on Trepça.