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Prishtina, 27.01.2015 - Minister of Economic Development, Blerand Stavileci, said there is a series of issues that determine the performance of Publicly Owned Enterprises, and the right balance must be found between the functioning of governing structures, boards and CEOs, financial sustainability, quality of services and corporate social responsibility.

Stavileci made these comments in a presentation before the Institute for Advanced Studies on “Publicly Owned Enterprises in Kosovo – Impact of the Business Environment and Performance Management”, held today in Prishtina.

According to him, there should be a strategic document defining the criteria for the establishment of a POE, either at central or the local level.

Economic Development Minister said that legacy problems continued as a result of the failure to find prompt ways to change them and maintain ownership, and added that the discussion should be not on the property and the type of services but rather on the type of activity.

“As for the services, we must find the way and time to classify them, and define criteria by which we will precisely know what is in the public good, in the interests of citizens and consumers” said Stavileci.

On the other hand, the UK Ambassador Ian Cliff discussed on the performance of POEs and added that it should be improved in view of economic development.

The representative of GAP Institute, Berat Thaci, said that the findings show that companies operate in a rather difficult business environment, particularly due to the non-functioning of the judiciary.

The chairman of the Committee on Economic Development in the Kosovo Assembly, Muhamet Mustafa, said that a balance must be maintained between the management, employees and other stakeholders of POEs.