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Prishtina, 10.03.2015 - Cooperation between Kosovo and Albania, in the area of electricity is starting to bear fruits. The lack of capacities and their complementarity forced the Ministry of Economic Development of Kosovo and the Ministry of Energy and Industry of Albania to establish the common energy market, as a common market area.

The Kosovo Minister of Economic Development, Blerand Stavileci, with the Minister of Energy and Industry of Albania, Damian Gjiknuri, stated that studies that preceded the common energy market have proven that its establishment is both technically feasible and economically beneficial for both countries.

“The energy systems in Kosovo and Albania are complementary with each other, considering the thermal capacities Kosovo and Albania’s hydro sources. The construction of new generating capacities in Kosovo and Albania are an imperative, therefore, given our objectives for the establishment of a competitive and open market, and the importance of regional cooperation initiatives to merge national markets, and in order to use cheaper sources of energy, we are establishing our joint energy market”, said Stavileci.

The Government of Kosovo and the Government of Albania also established a joint Steering Committee, chaired by relevant ministries, and composed of representatives of regulatory authorities and transmission system operators. Voting members of the committee shall be the Kosovo Minister of Economic Development, Albanian Minister of Energy and Industry, Chairman of the ERO Board of Kosovo, Chairman of the ERE Board in Albania, CEO of KOSTT, Kosovo, and the Albanian TSO Administrator. Non-voting members of the Steering Committee shall be the head of the Energy Department of MED, Kosovo, and the head of the Energy Department of MEI, Albania.