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Prishtina, 10.03.2015 - After the establishment of the common electricity market between Kosovo and Albania, working groups are established to assist the work of the Steering Committee. Initially a working group on legal/regulatory issues, working group on technical/operational issues and working group on commercial issues were established, to be composed of various experts from both countries.

Working group on legal/regulatory issues:
1.    Representative of MED– Sabit Gashi (Co-chair);
2.    Representative of MEI –  Enea Karakaci (Co-chair);
3.    Representative of ERE –  Agim Nashi (Member);
4.    Representative of ERO – (Member);
5.    Representative of KOSTT- Resmije Ahma (Member);
6.    Representative of OST –  Ilda Neziri (Member).

Working group on technical/operational issues:
1.    Representative of KOSTT- Kadri Kadriu (Co-chair);
2.    Representative of OST – Luan Aranitasi (Co-chair);
3.    Representative of ERO – Rifat Blakaj (Member);
4.    Representative of ERE – Agim Nashi (Member);
5.    Representative of MED – Skender Xani (Member);
6.    Representative of MEI   – Agim Bregasi (Member).

Working group on commercial issues:
1.  Representative of ERE – Agim Nashi (Co-chair);
2.  Representative of ERO – (Co-chair);
3.  Representative of KOSTT- Skender Gjonbalaj (Member);
4.  Representative of OST – Ana Moisiu (Member);
5.  Representative of MED – Luan Morina (Member);
6.  Representative of MEI – Edmont Gjokutaj (Member).

Decisions of the Steering Committee are taken by a general consensus of the total voting members. If consensus cannot be reached, the co-chair shall request the consent to put issue to a vote, which will be decided upon with a simple majority of members present and voting. Also a quorum of at least two-thirds of the total number of members eligible to vote is required for the meeting of the Steering Committee, for a decision to be valid.