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Prishtina, 30.03.2015 - Kosovo's energy generation capacities are obsolete, therefore there is an urgent need for new generation capacities, in order to ensure a sustainable electricity supply. However, it is important to invest in significant components of the electricity sector, such as Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources, said Minister of Economic Development Blerand Stavileci.

The Head of MED made these comments in the conference organized on the topic "Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources, 20-20-20 objectives" organized by the Italian Embassy in Prishtina and Italian Trade Agency - ITA, attended by representatives of institutions, and Kosovo and Italian business community representatives.

"We have laws regulating the energy sphere in place, as well as the targets we set on ourselves as the Government, stipulated clearly in the Strategy and National Energy Efficiency Action Plan," said Stavileci, adding that these are preconditions to investments in this sphere.

Minister Stavileci said that the Government is seeking funds to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, in order to ensure sustainable electricity supply, employment and affordable prices for citizens, while providing environmental protection mechanisms.

Italian Ambassador in Kosovo, Andrea Ferrarese, said that energy will be addressed as a national priority for Kosovo, as all Kosovo families face directly consequences of the deterioration of this sector, in terms of high energy prices, with some spending up to 40% of their income in energy alone.

He said that Italy also has a problem with energy and it was forced to diversify its energy sources, and that Kosovo will have to engage in a similar exercise of developing alternative energy sources, but this will have to be supported by adequate legislation.

For his part, the President of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, Safet Gërxhaliu, said that based on analyses conducted by this institution, one of businesses' main problems is the price of energy and reliability of energy supply. He added that there European integration in the political aspect can't occur without economic integration, and the latter encompasses the accomplishment of 20:20:20 objectives and diminishment of emissions.

Further, representatives of Italian companies Energy Team s.p.a and Leonardo l.l.c. presented their activities, including the Kosovo market, to the participants, while notifying them on their current analysis of investment opportunities in concrete energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.