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Prishtina, 20.10.2020 - The Minister of Economy and Environment, Blerim Kuçi participated today in the inauguration of the water supply system in the village Nëpërbisht in Suhareka, as a joint project between the Municipality of Suhareka, the Swiss CDI and the Southern Hydro Region.


Minister Kuçi expressed his satisfaction with this development, which precedes the inauguration of the water supply system in the villages Reqan and Maqitevë, providing these villages with controlled drinking water. In addition to this project, the minister also spoke about the project that will solve the problem of drinking water in Suhareka forever.


"I want to seize this opportunity to show that the mayor and I discussed about investment opportunities from the central level, together with the Hydro Region, which concern a large reservoir at Pusi i Atit, in which case the ministry has allocated or earmarked the budget for next year in the amount of approximately 800 thousand euros. That reservoir increases the amount of water in the city, and also covers all neighborhoods with water supply in the city ", said Kuçi, noting the possibility of supply from Radoniqi for the villages on the side that are connected to Mamusha.


The mayor of Suhareka, Bali Muharremaj showed that the project has cost 425 thousand Euros, emphasizing that there are neighborhoods connected to water supply for the first time now.


Meanwhile, the CEO of Southern Hydro Region, Zenel Zenelaj thanked the Swiss CDI, as the largest donor in this field. '