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Prishtina, 07.10.2020 - The Minister of Economy and Environment, Blerim Kuçi, has participated in the discussion on "Economic recovery through clean energy", organized in the framework of Kosovo Sustainable Development Week.


Minister Kuçi, together with entrepreneurs and representatives from the German Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, discussed the economic recovery and the use of recovery means by the Government of Kosovo.


"It is unfortunate that the Law on Economic Recovery has not yet been passed. The time when businesses are offered assistance is very important, as for some, it might be too late until this law is passed. However, as the Government of Kosovo, we have taken a decision and have allocated a budget for economic assistance, which was consistent with the government program", stated Kuçi.


Furthermore, with regard to informing businesses about clean energy, the Minister spoke about the developments in the liberalization of the market for renewable energy, in what will be called “Renewable Energy Auction".


"Intensive work is underway during my mandate as a minister towards liberalization of the market and establishment of the Renewable Energy Auction, for which the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is providing assistance," said Minister Kuçi.


During the discussion there were also proposals and suggestions from businesses, while the Minister instructed them to create a list of suggestions and invited them to full cooperation. '