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The Minister of Economy and Environment (MEE), Blerim Kuçi, visited today the Municipality of Drenas, where he was hosted by the Mayor, Ramiz Lladrovci.


A number of topics were discussed at the long meeting, which are already under the competence of the MEE, and which have previously been divided into several ministries.


Mayor Lladrovci requested that the project for the regulation of the riverbed of Verbica and Drenica, which is being developed by MEE, be focused on carrying out works in the village of Shtrubullova.


Minister Kuçi promised that the works in this project will proceed as planned, while showing that the lake of Verbovc is a project that is expected to move forward through a loan previously negotiated with the Hungarian Government.


“We discussed about the development policies of the municipality of Drenas, in the field where I am a minister, specifically the issue of water, wastewater treatment and environmental regulations, which is also the regulation of the Drenica riverbed. It is important that we are at an early stage, but it is significant that it is related to a Hungarian loan for the lake of Verbovc, which is vital for the citizens of the municipality of Drenas, that the water supply is in good condition”, said Minister Kuçi.


In addition, the mayor of Drenas also talked about the construction of a wastewater treatment plant that is a project on the horizon and expects to move forward.


“The Municipality of Drenas and the Mayor have made maximum efforts by fixing the sewerage network. We are making efforts for all financial possibilities, of any form, for the construction of the wastewater treatment plant”, concluded Minister Kuçi. '