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'Prishtina, August 26, 2020 - In order to improve the energy sector in Kosovo, today in the Ministry of Economy and Environment, the agreement between the Kosovo Agency for Energy Efficiency and the Kosovo Energy Efficiency Fund has been signed, through which funds will be transferred from KAEE to KEEF, funds which will be in the implementation of energy efficiency projects. Kosovo is the first country in the region to establish the Energy Efficiency Fund, as a financial mechanism that will support efficiency in the public services sector, residential or household sector, private sector, etc. Minister of Economy and Environment, Blerim Kuçi, said that the Kosovo Energy Efficiency Fund has about EUR 17 million available, and from this moment it is functional to implement its policies and to make the execution of the projects according to the plans they have made. “It is important that these means enter into action and implementation as soon as possible with the aim of increasing economic development, where the beneficiaries of this fund are not only the actual ones, but also the private enterprises. The allocation of funds today is important, as it will enable the execution of the projects that are being developed as soon as possible”, said minister Kuçi. On his part, the Chief of the Energy Efficiency Agency, Arsim Kuliqi, said that Kosovo is on a good path in implementing energy efficiency measures, which is evidenced by the signing of this agreement. “In support of KEEF, the Government of the Republic of Kosovo has pledged to support KEEF for three years in a row with EUR 1 million, where this year, although we had a budget cut of 25%, the subsidy for KEEF has been untouchable by the Government”, said Kuliqi. Meanwhile, the director of the Kosovo Fund for Energy Efficiency, Lum Mita, stressed the importance of the fund in the transformation of public buildings at both central and local levels, as well as private sector buildings, and thanked Minister Kuçi for the support provided to advance the projects that will bring us closer Europe. The Government of the Republic of Kosovo is the guarantor of the grant of EUR 9.6 million , and the loan of the World Bank of EUR 5 million.