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Prishtina, 06.08.2020 - Today the Minister of Economy and Environment, Blerim Kuçi, and the Acting Chief Executive Officer of RWC “Prishtina”, Mr. Sokol Xhafa, signed the Memorandum of Understanding for the Wastewater Treatment in Prishtina.


The purpose of this Memorandum is to regulate duties and responsibilities of signatory parties for full and successful implementation of the project for treatment of wastewater in Prishtina and its surrounding areas.


This Memorandum opens the path to commencing project implementation procedures as it clarifies competences between two parties and ensures commitment of funds from the Ministry of Economy and Environment.


“The signing of this memorandum is important for commencing procedures for an important project such as wastewater treatment, and also shows determination toward the promises that we have made to international partners that support this project, which in this case is the French government”, stated Kuçi.


This memorandum derives as a result of International Agreements between the Government of Kosovo and the Government of France regarding financial cooperation. This Memorandum was preceded by the Implementation Agreement.


The project funds are determined in accordance with budgetary allocations under the Law on Budgetary Appropriations of the respective fiscal year, whereby budgetary appropriations of the Ministry of Economy and Environment are made available to the Regional Water Company “Prishtina”, and making funds available requires continuous cooperation and interaction of parties to implement the wastewater treatment project in its entirety. '