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Prishtina, 03.08.2020 – Minister of Economy and Environment, Mr. Blerim Kuçi, today hosted in a meeting the delegation of the Japanese Embassy in Kosovo, consisting of the Charge d'Affaires at this Embassy, Mr. Mitsunori Ogasawara.


Minister Kuçi first thanked Mr. Ogasawara for the assistance of the Japanese State to Kosovo since after the war. He further briefed him about the current economic situation in the country and about the government initiatives to recover the economy, and he asked to have strategies and plans of foreign agencies and embassies adapted to the Economic Recovery Package in Kosovo.


"We are in a time of pandemics and the economic situation is not good, as in many parts of the world. What is important is the plan for the economic recovery, which has started well with the approval of the budget review, but which also awaits the passage of two laws in order to pave the way for faster action, where aid will go directly to the citizens, private enterprises and public enterprises ", said Kuçi.


Mr. Ogasawara expressed his happiness for continuation of the project related to air pollution, which is helped by JICA. He said that they are focused on the environment and the economy, thus mentioning the waste management sector and some assistance provided in the region of Prizren.


Minister Blerim Kuçi and the Charge d'Affaires of this embassy, Mitsunori Ogasawara agreed to have a specific and long-term cooperation between the two countries. '