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Prishtina, 03.08.2020 – A virtual workshop with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development was held today at the Ministry of Economy and Environment.


Mr. Blerim Kuçi with his team of advisors, and the Department of Energy of MEE headed by the head of this department, Mr. Luan Morina, were part of this workshop.


The topic of the workshop between MEE and EBRD was the assistance for the Public Auction for Renewable Energy. The Head of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in Kosovo, Neil Taylor, opened the workshop by stating that this auction is important and the process will be successful, after the same experience they had in Albania. Mr. Taylor also introduced Mr. Andreas Gunst, who is an expert engaged on the issue of Public Auction for Renewable Energy.


Minister Blerim Kuçi extended his gratitude to EBRD for the assistance, confirming his commitment to the process of Public Auction for Renewable Energy.


“This process was initiated by previous ministers and I will, of course, continue it. Liberalization of the energy market is very important for us and we will continue with these procedures. What makes us feel safe is the EBRD’s experience in such processes. I can confirm that we will do all the necessary work for the liberalization of the market and for a competitive market for Renewable Energy”, stated Mr. Kuçi.


Further, Minister Kuçi informed the EBRD and the consulting team that a quick identification of the legal basis should be carried out, as amendments to the legal basis take time through the Assembly of Kosovo.


The Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) was also part of this workshop. '