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 Prishtina, 30 July 2020 - Minister of Economy and Environment (MEE), Blerim Kuçi today participated in the virtual meeting of Inter-Ministerial Water Council, invited by Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti, whereby ongoing projects and plans for future projects were discussed.


In addition to Prime Minister Hoti and Minister of Finance, Hykmete Bajrami, this meeting was also attended by donors from the water sector.


While discussing the projects for water companies, Minister Blerim Kuçi announced that everything will be done in accordance with the law during the election of the boards of these companies and he has also invited other donors to be part of the monitoring of the recruitment process, in addition to the Agreement with the British on board recruitment assistance.


As for the boards and the management of the water companies with which you have projects I want to tell you that they are operating with temporary boards. With the Law on Public Enterprises we will recruit members for Regular Boards. I would like to inform you that Prime Minister Hoti has previously signed agreements with the British for assistance in the selection of boards. However, today I am calling on you as donors to be part of this process. "All this is done so that everything will go as it should, we want to choose professional people and we will be completely transparent", said Minister Kuçi.


Regarding projects and strategies, Minister Kuçi asked donors to try to align them with the economic recovery program in Kosovo.


Also, in the end, the Minister requested that a list be drawn up with the actions that should be pushed forward so that their implementation would not be delayed.'