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Prishtina, 28 July 2020 - The Minister of Economy and Environment (MEE), Blerim Kuçi, today visited the Municipality of Gjilan, where he was received by the Mayor of the Municipality, Lutfi Haziri. During this meeting, Minister Kuçi, pledged his support to solving the issue of drinkable water and the wastewater plant in Gjilan, while highlighting the laws that the Government of Kosovo has submitted to the Assembly of Kosovo for adoption: “There are three laws that the Government has submitted to the Assembly, namely the Law on Budget Review, Law for Management of the Pandemics, and the Law on Economic Recovery, which are of vital importance, and if not approved, Kosovo would soon fall in collapse”, stated Minister Kuçi.


The Mayor of the Municipality of Gjilan, Lutfi Haziri, expressed his gratitude to Minister Kuçi for the visit and stated that the ratification of the wastewater plant by the Assembly of Kosovo is good news. “Today, I am honoured to receive Minister Kuçi in Gjilan, who is here to see at first hand the situation in our municipality during the pandemics, and was informed of our engagement toward citizen’s public health and soundness of economy, with a focus on public investments that the Ministry of Economy and Environment has in the region of Gjlan” stated Mr. Haziri.


In the light of visits to this Municipality, the Minister of Economy and Environment, Blerim Kuçi visited the Regional Water Company K.R.U “Hidromorava” in Gjilan, whereby the management of the company informed him about the challenges faced by the company due to the pandemics and challenges with drinkable water supply.


Minister Kuçi offered his support to the company, in ensuring that the citizens of Gjilan do not have problems in water supply. "We focused on a project, which will be an adequate solution for a short-term phase. It will be a project that will help overcome the drought situation. We agreed on this project so that citizens of Gjilan do not have a problem with water supply. We are ready to help the company with a project that provides for a concrete solution to water supply", stated Minister Kuçi after the meeting. In addition, Muhamet Suliqi, Chief Executive Officer of the Company "Hidromorava", thanked Minister Kuçi for the visit and informed him of problems faced by the company. "I would like to thank the Minister for his visit, where he was closely informed with the situation of Hidromorava, and we discussed challenges faced by our company due to the pandemic emergency, and that for now we are managing the situation well," he said.


The Minister of Economy and Environment, Blerim Kuçi, during his visit to Gjilan visited and inspected the works at the school "Thimi Mitko" and was closely informed about the implementation of energy efficiency measures and isolation and lighting of the building of this school - a project that will continue in the future. Part of Minister Kuçi’s visit to the region of Gjilan, was the inspection of works in the construction of the "Mirusha" plateau. '