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Prishtina 27.07.2020 - The Minister of Economy and Environment, Blerim Kuçi today held a virtual workshop with the German organization GIZ regarding Waste Management and documents deriving from this process.


The focus of the workshop was the presentation of the work done so far by GIZ in cooperation with the Government of Kosovo and taking some decisions by the Ministry of Economy and Environment to continue this cooperation.


Minister Blerim Kuçi expressed his readiness to help this cooperation, promising that all vacancies in the working groups will be filled.


GIZ has asked Minister Kuçi to postpone the approval of the National Strategy for Integrated Waste Management in the Government.


"The National Strategy for Integrated Waste Management, which was presented to me, is a complete and very practical document. We are looking forward to taking practical action on the ground, which should have an immediate effect on the ground. The document is in the Ministry of Finance, from where we are waiting for comments. "We will proceed further immediately", said Minister Kuçi.


This workshop was greeted by the director of GIZ, Mr. David Oberhubert, thanking Minister Kuçi for practicality in these processes. '