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Prishtina, 12.18.2019 - To honour their contribution to the mining sector, the Minister of Economic Development, Valdrin Lluka, has awarded certificates of gratitude to personalities from the sector, who have contributed both academically and within the sector.


In his speech delivered during the ceremony of awarding the certificates of gratitude, Minister Lluka thanked the participants and said that their contribution has been a factor for the development of the country.


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and tell you that I am grateful for your contribution to the mining sector over the years. You, with your contribution, whether academic or economic, have further advanced this sector”, said Minister Lluka.


Minister Lluka also thanked the former Trepça Combine directors who acted in the best possible way considering the difficult conditions under which they operated.


During this meeting, the contributors who are no longer with us were commemorated and awarded certificates of gratitude.


"Through these certificates of gratitude, I want your name and the names of those who are not among us to remain part of the history of the mining sector, for the contribution given during the 70s, 80s and 90s, without excluding the post-war period", said Mr Lluka during the meeting with the participants. Following is the list of persons who were awarded a certificate of gratitude for their contribution to the mining sector:


1. Luljeta Pula Beqiri


2. Ekrem Beqiri


3. Minir Dushi


4. Veli Deva


5. Xhelal Orana


6. Reshat Abrashi


7. Jakup Nushi


8. Nuhi Preteni


9. Aziz Abrashi


10. Burhan Kavaja


11. Ibush Jonuzi


12. Vahdet Pruthi


13. Hashim Këpuska


14. Shyqeri Kelemendi


15. Sefedin Kastrati


16. Bajram Shabani


17. Dukaxhin Shala


18. Hamid Nuredini


19. Shaip Latifi


20. Shkelzen Domi


21. Nazmi Mikolovci


22. Avni Dushi


23. Fatmir Rizvanolli


24. Engjull Mazreku


25. Unberto Bytyqi


26. Naip Zeka


27. Shefki Isufi


28. Jusuf Vula '