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Prishtina, 18.09.2019 - Minister of Economic Development, Valdrin Lluka visited "Trepça" whereby has closely observed hard work of miners.

During the meeting with miners of "Trepça", Minister Lluka informed them that the Law on Miners has been initiated 4 months ago by the Ministry of Economic Development in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and it is expected that the issue promised in the last two decades be completed in the next mandate.

"I listened to all of the complaints and conditions they had. A 65 years old cannot work in those conditions, thus retirements must be made at the age of 55, miners should have lifelong health insurance," added Lluka.

As per the demands of miners regarding better conditions and health insurance, Minister Lluka has pledged before the miners that he will be engaged in the development of the "Trepça", Enterprise, so that in the nearest future miners will enjoy health insurance since working at an underground depth of 760 meters damages their health, therefore they deserve to have special treatment.

Being aware that "Trepça", is an endless underground wealth of the Republic of Kosovo, Lluka added that "Trepça", will be a priority of the department he leads in order for this mine to be one of the key contributors to the country's economic development.