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Prishtina, 05.09.2019 - The Minister of Economic Development, Valdrin Lluka, visited the Municipality of Gjakova to closely follow the implementation of the energy efficiency measures project.

As pledged during the signing of the memorandum with “Yll Morina” primary school in Gjakova, an investment of EUR 319 thousand was provided for school renovation and implementation of energy efficiency measures, EUR 290 thousand of which were allocated by MED and EUR 29 thousand by the Municipality of Gjakova, Minister Lluka today announced that a similar donation would be provided to Pjetershan village of the Municipality of Gjakova for renovation purposes at the Family Medicine Center (FMC) and “Anton Çeta” primary school.

This constitutes one of the biggest investments at the local level in terms of improving conditions in schools and public facilities.

Minister Lluka said: “I came to Gjakova with several goals. Our main focus was on providing optic fiber to the Family Medicine Center and “Anton Çeta” primary school in Pjetershan, Gjakova, which as two very important institutions especially in rural areas should have fast internet access. In addition, we have supplied “Anton Çeta” primary school with technology equipment such as computers and 3D printers for students so that they can develop their creativity in the field of Information Technology.

The MED Kosovo Digital Economy (KODE) projects aims to cover all Kosovo's villages with fast and stable internet through fiber optic.

The project largely focuses on investing in energy efficiency, which will ensure energy saving and increase the well-being of students, teachers and school staff. The initial investment is EUR 320 thousand, but it will be increased to EUR 500 thousand in order to replace the radiators as well.

The director of “Anton Çeta” primary school, Berat Bejtullahu, said: “We are very pleased with the signing of the memorandum on the implementation of efficiency measures and we thank MED for this great investment.”

The energy efficiency project foresees energy saving in the facilities where this project will be implemented will increase up to 45%.