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Prishtinë, 05.09.2019 - The Minister of Economic Development, Valdrin Lluka, visited today the Artana Mine, one of the biggest assets of the country in the field of mineral production, where he was hosted by the management of the mine.

Minister Lluka informed the Artana Mine staff, who currently work in unfavorable conditions, that the construction of a new canteen for their needs would commence the following week.

Minister Lluka further stated that, thanks to the MED’s sponsorship, Trepca’ statute has been finalized entitling employees to shareholding in this giant enterprise.

In addition, Minister Lluka reiterated that this year the MED has allocated EUR 5 million to assist and ensure the recovery of mines and miners as soon as possible.   

In conclusion, Minister Lluka said: “The Artana Mine extracts 45% of Trepca's minerals and as such should benefit from subsidies and capital investments proportionally and not just 5% as stated by management at the meeting. Also, the average old age of staff prevents the full harnessing of the great potential of this mine.”