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Prishtina, 14.08.2019 - The Minister of Economic Development, Valdrin Lluka, together with the Minister of Innovation, Muzafer Shala, and the Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Sami Zeka, paid a visit today to "Jaha Solar", a factory for production of photovoltaic solar panels in Fushë Kosova, as they were hosted by the shareholder of the company, Fadil Hoxha, and the Executive Director, Trim Tërnava.

During his visit to the factory's production premises, Minister Lluka could see the latest investments in the production line and the advanced technology which are now doubling the production, an investment made by Jaha Solar together with German partners.

The increase in production which is intended for export to European countries has also resulted in an increase in the number of workers working in the factory as there are currently about 80 workers.

Minister Lluka reiterated his commitment and the commitment of the ministry he leads to support the domestic producers, especially the investors in the field of renewable energy, thus creating more opportunities in terms of increased production and exports which will consequently create new jobs for our young people.

Also, during his visit to the factory, Minister Lluka expressed, inter alia, the readiness to work together with the Minister of Innovation towards the establishment of the "Centre for Renewable Energy Research and Development" which would be used by public and private universities in cooperation with the private sector.

On the other hand, Minister Shala said: "The Ministry of Innovation and Entrepreneurship will maximally engage in increasing competitiveness and production capacities, as well as in increasing export potential and support in dealing with the pressure of foreign markets".

The investment in the factory "Jaha Solar" is an investment coming directly from our diaspora in Germany since Mr Hoxha has lived and worked in Germany for 27 years, working in various fields of production, and then returned to invest in Kosovo. Besides investing in the solar panel production factory, a sector where he is a leader in Europe, Mr Hoxha has also invested in construction and food sectors.