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Prishtina, 20.06.2019 - Minister of Economic Development, Valdrin Lluka, participated in the event organized by Open Data Kosovo with the title "Business Data Opening and the Economic Development of Kosovo". Open Data Kosovo has created the "Open Businesses" platform, where the main goal is allowing the conduct of economic analyses for different sectors and business activities, analysing economic trends over different time periods. The data are available on the website: www.biznesetehapura.com.

Mr Lluka, during his speech at this event, said that data opening, in addition to transparency, serves as a support to businesses, academia and organizations by facilitating the conduct of market research and analysis.

“Opening data is a very important step and as such these data should also be useful so that, while providing businesses with information on their activity and other relevant data to other parties, they provide transparency, but also opportunities for more efficient market research and analysis for our country. Open data contribute more to the economic and social development of the countries that use them. Through open data, businesses increase the efficiency of work processes and moreover increase efficiency”, said Mr Lluka.

Minister Lluka also said that with the proper software building there would be a rapid development of our society.

Among others, he said “We, as a Ministry, see the possibility for cooperation between the academia, public and private sector to build adequate software which will make possible a rapid development and advancements in all aspects of life in our society”.

Ms Leonora Kusari, principle manager of the Bank for Reconstruction and Development in Kosovo, said the data opening has updated the existing data.

“The Open Data Kosovo project has been a great help in creating EBRD reports and analyses because it has updated the data that were opened earlier. There have been cases where data agencies have had information that a certain business is a small business, while from Open Data Kosovo data we could see that this business has grown and now it is already a corporation” said Ms Kusari.

Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, Mr Arian Zeka, said that opening the data, besides that they should be easy to use, should also achieve two goals; help the Government and the citizens of the country.

Minister Lluka also emphasized that the publication of information paves the way for the citizens to see the work of the Government of Kosovo and to address their criticisms in order to improve our work.