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Prishtina, 19.06.2019 - The Minister of Economic Development, Valdrin Lluka, hosted in a meeting the founder of BM Holding, Mr. Mohammed Al Barwani, who was interested to invest in Kosovo's mining sector. Mr. Al Barwani is amongst the 50 richest people in the Arab world and owns numerous businesses in the mining sector, oil and gas production and yacht production.

Lluka has hosted Mr. Al Barwani in a meeting and informed him about the investment opportunities in our country's mining sector, pointing out that Kosovo is very rich in lead, zinc, chrome, bauxite and nickel. Mr. Al Barwani was also presented with the 11 areas of special mining interest and “Trepça” Mine.

“‘Trepça’ Mine has 88 different minerals and is the richest mine in Europe with lead and zinc. This enterprise has recently been transformed into a Joint Stock Company and is open to foreign investments. Investing in technology could enable further utilization of the assets of this mine.” added Lluka among others.

Mohammed Al Barwani was also interested in the information technology sector. Lluka notified Mr. Al Barwani that Kosovo is among Europe's leading internet user countries where 95% of households own high-speed internet and that Kosovo will, through the World Bank-funded Digital Economy project, cover its entire territory with optical fibre after 3 years.

Mohammed Al Barwani said that he will soon visit Kosovo again to see closely the potentials offered by the country's mining sector.

Finally, Minister Lluka gave to Mr. Al Barwani the book of crystals and minerals of Kosovo as a reminder of the visit to Kosovo.