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Prishtina, 14.06.2019 – Minister of Economic Development, Mr. Valdrin Lluka, together with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Behgjet Pacolli, are visiting the Czech Republic, whereby on this occasion was also signed the first economic cooperation agreement between the two countries.

On this occasion, the Deputy Prime Minister Pacolli and Minister Lluka, during their meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, Mr. Karel Havliqek, have disclosed the economic plans, putting special emphasis on the fields covered by the Ministry of Economic Development, namely the capital projects run by this Ministry.

Also, on this occasion was signed the first economic cooperation agreement between the two countries, and on the same day was held a business forum with a group of large businesses from the Czech Republic.

During the forum, Minister Lluka presented Kosovo’s sectors with highest potentials, along with the favourable doing-business environment in Kosovo.

“Kosovo has created favourable doing business conditions, whereas mines and energy are some of the most attractive sectors for investments. Also, we have made significant progress in the field of information technology”, stated Minister Lluka.       

During the meeting it was ascertained that economic diplomacy must be used more between the two countries, taking into account that Czech companies need to be more competitive, and they will achieve to do so by operating in countries where operational costs are lower, as is the case with Kosovo.

Also, upon the agreement by both parties, it was decided that an official visit, in the same composition, which would include businesses from this country that would come to see Kosovo at close hand, is to be organized for the month of September. During this visit, there will be meetings with domestic businesses from the industry of mine, energy and information technology.