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Prishtina, 25.05.2019 - The delegation of the Regional Chamber of Commerce, with the organization of the Ministry of Economic Development, is staying in Kosovo.

The delegation of the Chambers of Commerce of the Western Balkans has stayed in the Innovation and Training Park in Prizren today, discussing the opportunities for enhancing regional cooperation.
Minister of Economic Development, Mr Valdrin Lluka, said that we are looking forward to opportunities for this park to become a regional park and to be an example to other industries.

“It is no coincidence that we are here today in Prizren, a multiethnic city. Our goal is to closely see the infrastructure of this centre that has been transferred under GIZ management and to have a regional park to attract different investments. Through this project, we aim to promote regional cooperation, to have all stakeholders here, and to use this model in the future too. The foreseen industries will serve as models to all other industries”.

The host of this event, President of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce (KCC), Berat Rukiqi said that investments will advance the country and the well-being of citizens.

“We are here together today with the Presidents of the Western Balkans Chambers acting in the Western Balkans Investment Forum. Such investments can push forward developments in our well-being, creation of jobs, export, etc.”.

On the other hand, the President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Marko Cadez said they will put efforts to bring companies to invest in Kosovo.

“We have met in Belgrade and discussed a lot on how to overcome the obstacles and focus on the future. We will bring the largest companies from the region to discuss how we can support this country to write our fate in terms of innovation, creativity, and new technologies”.

David Oberhuber, Country Director at GIZ Kosovo which is managing this park, said that by mid-year the applications for companies that want to invest in this centre will be open.

“We will not be successful if we do not start with businesses in the region. We have started with the German soldiers and for the moment we are only maintaining the facility. As of the mid-year we expect to publish the first call for applications. We have a large number of companies that have shown interest. After the applications, we will consider companies of different areas”.

In the end, the members of the delegation visited the Innovation and Training Park in order to look closely at the infrastructure and opportunities provided by this park.