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Prishtina, 23.05.2019 - In Prishtina is being held a one-day event to launch the Network for Clean Energy Business (N4CEB), which is attended by representatives of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, representatives of the private sector, financial institutions and the academy. This event aims to give to the private sector a stronger voice by promoting a strong network and development of the energy market.

The Minister of Economic Development, Mr. Valdrin Lluka, in front of the participants stated that transition in the energy sector remains one of the main challenges, however, despite the fact that Kosovo faces numerous challenges in this area has made a progress.

 “Investments in the field of renewable energy, despite the growth, have not yet met the foreseen target. Today, we have 7 hydro power plants, 5 solar and 2 wind power plants that are operating with a capacity of about 77 megawatts. Meanwhile 22 power generators are in the process of construction, with a capacity of about 178 megawatts”, said Minister Lluka.

Nevertheless, despite the achievements, Minister Lluka also mentioned challenges that Kosovo may face in the future in terms of energy sector, such as: meeting of the new targets set out in the Energy and Climate Action Plan 2012-2020 and switching from the authorization procedure to the procedures of competitive market schemes.

“When speaking about the Energy and Climate Action Plan, another target will be challenging for Kosovo, a target related to area of energy efficiency. Adoption of the Law on Energy Efficiency (LEE), establishment of the EE Fund, development of EE municipal plans and strengthening of administrative infrastructure are reforms that will significantly affect the incentive for mobilizing investments in this area, as well as conditions for business development”, said further Minister Lluka.

Minister Lluka emphasized that financing of projects in the area of renewable resources is a good news for the fact that all comments of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development related to the arrangements on the sale of energy have been met and will soon be ready to finance these projects.

“With the growth of investments in the area of renewable resources (about EUR 100 million in the med-term period along with donors), besides having an effect on the rationalization and optimization of energy consumption, will also create many new jobs in the private sector, which is one of the main goals of the Government of Kosovo”, said Minister Lluka.

In this event took part also the German Ambassador, Christian Heldt, who said that Kosovo could be a leader and example in terms of clean energy.

“In Kosovo there are clean energy projects that have been developed and we believe that Kosovo can be a leader in the region and an example for other countries”, said the Ambassador.

The Head of the MED on the other hand stated that the initiative for networking businesses of this area gives us hope that you will be an active partner in proposing and driving new policies of this sector, with the common goal of economic development, creation of new jobs, improvement of the living standard of our citizens and a cleaner environment for all of us.

This event has been organized by the German-Kosovo Chamber of Commerce (KDWV), in cooperation with the German Government through the Energy Efficiency Project in Kosovo, Deutche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.