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Prishtina, 26.04.2019 - With the support of the Ministry of Economic Development, the next edition of ''Girls in ICT'' was held, which aims to support girls in Information Technology.

On this occasion, the Minister of Economic Development, Valdrin Lluka, on his greeting speech, by disclosing the MED projects in the field of information technology, said that for the girls of this country to engage more in this sector, infrastructure should be established and then motivation.

Regarding infrastructure, Minister Lluka said that the Kosovo Digital Economy (KODE) project is being implemented and soon the project for increasing ICT skills will be launched.

''The KODE project amounts to 30 million Euros and foresees that all Kosovo villages, schools, hospitals and various institutions are supplied with optical fibre cables. Also, another project that improves ICT infrastructure in Kosovo is the project for increasing ICT skills, which starts implementation in June of this year and a large part of it aims to increase the skills of girls'', said Minister Lluka.

While, in terms of motivating the girls to follow a career in information technology, Minister Lluka said that there have been creative centres established in 70 secondary schools and soon they will be also established in primary schools.

''In order to motivate girls in ICT, we have established creative centres in 70 out of the 104 secondary schools throughout Kosovo, where students will have the opportunity to access 3D printers, technological equipment and various programming training sessions. This year, this project will also continue in 20 primary schools'', said Minister Lluka.

Minister Lluka also said that ICT is a sector where there is a good balance between the two genders.