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Prishtina, 13.04.2019 – During the annual spring meetings in Washington, organized by the World Bank, the Minister of Economy, Mr. Valdrin Lluka, and the Minister of Finances, Mr. Bedri Hamza, met with the Vice President of the World Bank for Europe and Asia, Cyril Muller, with whom they discussed regarding Kosovo’s cooperation with the World Bank and the furthering of such cooperation.

During the meeting, Minister Lluka disclosed the need for assistance in the mining sector, asking technical assistance in the development of Trepça and the 11 other areas of interest, mostly rich in lead, zinc, nickel and chromium.

Mr.Lluka stated that the World Bank’s presence in these strategic assets is more than necessary as this would help increase credibility, transparency and competitiveness.
Furthermore, through the International Financial Institution, the Bank will help develop the procedures for granting renewable energy licenses through auctions, offering funding for the first 100 MW.

Vice President Muller expressed his satisfaction with the current partnership with Kosovo and envisages an increase in the number of projects in the field of water and energy.