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Prishtina, 12.04.2019 – In the light of the visit to the United States of America, Minister Lluka has, inter alia, had important meetings for recuperation of electrical engineering in the University of Prishtina, which runs the risk of closing down.

Around EUR 3 billion will be invested in the energy sector during the next ten years, and certainly such investments will generate new jobs, however, the problem faced now by the sector is the development of new human capacities.

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering in UP has closed the Masters and PhD programme due to the lack of cadres, and now runs the risk of closing the Bachelor program as well.

Minister Lluka, during his stay in Washington, has conducted two very important meetings with the purpose of finding a solution to this problem.

He met with the President of the American Councils for International Education, Mr. David Patton, Deputy Administrator of USAID, Alexander Sokolowski, and the USAID’s Director for Europe, Cristina Olive, whom he asked for assistance in recuperation of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

The head of MED asked for Masters and PhD programs scholarships for this faculty, so that new lecturing capacities can be created.

The other assistance requested by Minister Lluka was the provision of two U.S. professors as full-fledged professors in order to ensure accreditation for future years, and creating the possibility of distance learning.

A few weeks ago, Minister Lluka gathered our country’s all relevant stakeholders to discuss about this issue.