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Prishtina, 04.04.2019 - During the Western Balkans Digital Summit in Belgrade, the Minister of Economic Development, Valdrin Lluka has signed, on behalf of Kosovo, the agreement for reducing the roaming prices for the Western Balkan countries.

The signatories of the Agreement, which is to be titled “Roam like at home”, will start to gradually reduce roaming prices as of 1st of July 2019, whereas as of 1st of July 2021 there will be no basic roaming prices.

This agreement was signed by the 6 Western Balkans countries, i.e. Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

Minister Lluka expressed his satisfaction for the conclusion of such an agreement and stated that this will be a step further toward better interconnectivity among Balkan countries.

“The conclusion of such agreement is good news to the Western Balkan countries. I believe this agreement to be a step further toward increasing regional cooperation between Western Balkan countries”, stated Minister Lluka.

The European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Mariya Gabriel, stated that the European Union will support the agreement for digitalization of the Balkans.

“This is your agreement, and the EU will support it. You can count on our support. This is a historical date, and you have to work in this regard. The European Digital Agenda is not a mere statement, but rather much more. The EU has allocated over EUR 30 million to this purpose, namely to the digitalization of the Balkans” stated Commissioner Gabriel.

On the other hand, Majlinda Bregu, Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council, stated that this agreement is a good opportunity for, inter alia, businesses to connect to one-another.

“This digital agenda is helping our integration despite not being part of the European Union. Our key challenge is Digital integration. The agreement that is to be signed to today represents an opportunity for equal treatment of all Western Balkans citizens, and for connecting businesses with one-another”, stated Bregu.

During this two-day stay, Minister Lluka will be part of different panels and discussions that will focus on digitalization and increasing regional cooperation.