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'Prishtina, 01.03.2019 – Students of the Faculty of Electronic and Computer Engineering will be able to engage in paid internships in energy sector institutions represented by the Ministry of Economic Development.

Minister of Economic Development Valdrin Lluka, accompanied by the Rector of the University of Prishtina, Prof. Marjan Dema, signed today a memorandum of cooperation which enables 50 students of the Faculty of Electronic and Computer Engineering with a unique 3-month internship opportunity with the Kosovo Energy Corporation J.S.C. (KEK), the Transmission, System and Market Operator KOSTT J.S.C., Kosovo Electricity Supply Company KESCO J.S.C. and Kosovo Electricity Distribution Company KEDS J.S.C.

In a speech preceding the execution of the memorandum, Minister Lluka thanked Rector Dema, who responded to the request for executing a memorandum of understanding within one day, and said that this initiative should benefit the preparation of new human capacities for investments from the energy sector.

“The new energy sector strategy envisages the investment of 3 billion euros in the secotr, and this will require new and prepared human capacities. This agreement will greatly contribute to this aspect,” said Minister Lluka.

On the other hand, Rector Dema thanked the Minister for the initiative and said that it will contribute to students gaining new knowledge and being better prepared for the labor market.
This initiative came from Minister Lluka, and we are very grateful for it. We need to prepare our labor force to deal with labor market demands and this agreement stipulates one of the ways to achieve that. This is a good possibility for the students of the energy sector to get better prepared to assist the development of the sector,” said Rector Dema. In addition to practical work, students will be able to conduct scientific and professional activities under the coordination of UP staff, utilize UP equipment and labs for their activities and use MED and UP meetings rooms for organizing various trainings and conferences, with the aim of promoting and enhancing education in the energy sphere.